About Us

The shell company was build with the idea in mind of gathering different IT security experts together in order to provide a complete security service portfolio from architecture, prevention, detection to response, audit and training.

Our Mission

Provide cybersecurity services to our customers. Helping them in each aspect of their IT security in order to raise their security posture and lower the risk of a security incident.

Our Plan

Assess the level of security by performing audits and penetration testing, come up with a step-up plan and advice to fill the gaps that were discovered.

Our Vision

Security is a process, we are not trying to sell off the shelf tools that are just used to 'check the box'. We help you develop and implement high value solutions that are in line with your real needs.


We can offer you a variety of services related to cybersecurity.
We analyse together your security posture and propose you tailormade solutions to achieve your goals.

Security Advice

Analyse your security and find the best solutions

Incident Handling

Prepare and test a security incident response plan and help youd detect security breaches.

Security Audits

Perform complete security audits of your systems. Penetration testing, vulnerability scans, code review, policy analysis,...

Network Security

Network security architecture and monitoring using ids, fpcap and siem.

Digital Forensics

Post breach analysis, file recovery, root cause analysis, memory forensics,...


Technical security trainings (SANS), Security awareness trainings (HACT.be),

Security Incident?

We help you back on track as fast as possible.
Then we analyse what happened and propose solutions to avoid it happens again in the future.

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Cyberattacks are increasing each year in Belgium


Incidents per year


Phishing per day


Average loss in euros after breach


Percent of Belgian companies suffered a major incident

Our Tooling


Each of our members has at least 10 years of cybersecurity experience

Jérôme Dossogne

The Professor

Jerôme Kleinen

Security Analyst

Erik Vanderhasselt

Incident Handler

Yorkvik Jacqmin

Network Security

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Rue des paysagistes 30
1160 Brussels

Phone Number

+32 477 498948

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